Andrew Netherwood | Birmingham
We are in Birmingham from October to the middle of December. Sharon is being a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the University for this time. and we are discovering that part of England where the Industrial Revolution really started.
Sharon with the Birmingham University ClocktowerBirmingham University Interchange AreaWinterbourne House and GardensWInterbourne House Walled Garden.Succulent Plant in Winterbourne Glass House"We are currently experiencing a Badger problem"WInterbourne Gardens Nut WalkDew on Autumn Leaves at Winterbourne GardensWInterbourne House from the GardensAbstract of Winterbourne Gardens TreesWinterbourne House Master's StudyWinterbourne House Lower HallWInterbourne House NurseryWinterbourne House Magic LanternsWinterbourne House WallpaperWinterbourne House Dumb WaiterWinterbourne Gardens Autumn ColourSharon on the Japanese Bridge in Winterbourne GardensSharon at the Birmingham Selfridges Indian BrasserieSharon at the Birmingham Selfridges Indian Brasserie