Andrew Netherwood | Change the Climate of Your Mind Exhibition

The sequence of images in this exhibition series started with a standard NASA planetary map of Earth. Using digital techniques and planetary maps of other solar system bodies, the earth map was progressively degraded by stages to an unrecognisable mindscape. Many of the image titles were taken from quotes in the media on the subject of Climate Change.

While the images portray the degradation of the planet visually, the titles are juxtaposed to indicate the concomitant mental breakdown through denial and delusion to madness. The aim is not to show any scientifically accurate prediction of the effects of climate change, but rather to highlight how the effects of delusory thinking, small minded selfish perception and media manipulation, distort realistic self awareness on how the behaviour of the human race affects this planet. (See also the Blog Post on this Exhibition)
The American Way of Life is Not NegotiableBusiness as Usual"The Economy is More Important Than Climate Change""Progress  is Being Made"Magical Logic“I don't care what the facts are”“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”“Our policy is consistent with our economic analysis”The Search for the Dog ParticleThe Fog of  Wilful Ignorance“We can’t negotiate the truth”The SpaceTime point of No ReturnThe Flag of Economic TerrorismThe Flag of Intangible DespairWhat Am I Alive?It Tastes like Someone Stole My Mind