These Artworks are mostly 60x90cm. They look great as prints and in acrylic frames. I also print and mount these onto aluminum panels for a modern frame free look. Contact me for details of the aluminum mounted works
Nefertiti and the SandmanNeon BoyPrimary AbstractWho Are You?Andrew Netherwood_ Molecular Composition_60x90.jpgAndrew Netherwood_A New Idea_60x90.jpgAndrew Netherwood_Freedon from Oppressionism_90x60.jpgAndrew Netherwood_Metempsychotic Paradox.jpgAndrew Netherwood_The Conscience of Mystery_60x90.jpgAndrew Netherwood_The Evolution of Gods_60x90.jpgAndrew Netherwood_The Revolution of Gods_60x90.jpgGlass WallsI Had a DreamBrickNet